About Us 

Hitechcafe.com is a family run organization that invests in all forms of technology, media, programming and intellectual property.  Originally developed as an electronics and components distributor in 1984, our focus has evolved to investments in technology.  Hitechcafe.com 2.0 was created as an "off the beaten path" out of the box innovative and organic investment team, with years of collective experience in helping launch innovative ideas and technologies. 

We're not like all the other investors out there who sit in glass-windowed, high-rise offices in the city, wearing expensive suits while waiting for ideas to plop into their laps.  We spend our time pounding the pavement, traveling from Cafe' to Coffee Shops and almost anywhere else, to meet today's Programmers and startup Developers in their natural habitat -which seem to be anywhere near a steady stream of caffeine.   If you've got a good idea, we want to hear it! 

We welcome your impromptu meetings whenever and wherever. Though it does help if you let others know when we'll be working on your project and discussing your wildly fabulous future by putting a note on our calendar at ScheduleOnce.  

Drop us an email at JoshZipp1@gmail.com, or if you're in Southern California, schedule an appointment on ScheduleOnce, grab a coffee and chat with us!


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